April 14, 2016


                   Be informed that several PNP personnel have been affected by the overpayment and underpayment in their salary,  particularly on loan deductions due to the salary system glitches for the months of March and April 2016.

                   FS has already informed the concerned Financial Institutions (FIs) and the affected personnel thru the RFSOs that off-setting is being done.

                   The payslip of the 1,658 personnel affected in March 2016 have already been rectified to show the correct amount on their payslip for reprinting. The payslip can be viewed through the “www.pnpfs.org/OnlinePayslip”

                  The remaining 2,861 personnel affected in April 2016, will  also be rectified. Their payslip will be distributed or can be viewed through the “On-line payslip” in May 2016.


Personnel who were not affected by this issues will receive their payslip on a monthly basis and maybe viewed and printed through the “Onlinepayslip”.


April 11, 2016


Pay and Allowances Section (PAS)

  • Pay-out Schedule for Salary and Allowances:

For Pay Period 1-15    - Every 13th day of the month

Pay Period 16-30   - Every 28th day of the month 

Salary Assignment Section (SAS)

Pay-out Schedule for Salasry Assignment (SA) with ATM SA Account - Every 20th day of the month

Pension and Gratutity Section (PGS)

  • Pay-out Schedule for PNP/INP Monthlyt Pension - Every 16th day of the month

Checking Account Section (CAS)

  • As of this date, FS is processing the payment for the following claims:

Lump Sum (LS) - Batch 3

Back Earned Pesnion - Batch 1

Commutation of Accrued Leave - Batch 17

March 22, 2016


TO: All members of Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc. (PSMBFI):

PSMBFI  will hold its Annual General Membership Meeting and Elections (GMME) on April 16, 2016 (Saturday) at 8:00 AM at Multi-Purpose Center, Camp Crame, Quezon City.

All members are encouraged to join and participate in the said event.


March 18, 2016


Pay and Allowance Section (PAS) 

Implementation of the First Tranche Compensation Adjustment for Uniformed Personnel and Non-Uniformed Personnel in the PNP per Fiscal Directive 2016-04.

  • First Tranche Compensation Adjustment will be included in the generation of Pay and Allowances of PNP personnel starting April 2016.
  • Schedule of Pay-out of Three (3) months Salary Differential covering the period January - March 2016:   March 23, 2016

Checking Account Section (CAS)

As of this date, FS is processing the payment for the following claims:

  • Lump Sum  (LS)                  -     Batch 1 and 2
  • Back-Earned Pension (BEP)   -     Batch 1

Salary Assigment Section (SAS)

a. Pay out schedule of Salary Assignment (SA) for March 2016

  • Assignee with ATM Account - March 20, 2016
  • Assigneee without ATM Account - will be paid through Payroll System where they can claim it to their respective Disbursing Officer at Regional Finance Service Office.  However, this will not coincide with the payment of Salary Assignment with ATM account due to processing procedure.  (List of assignee by Region without ATM Account)

b.  Assignees with no ATM Account are advised to immediately secure their Salary Assignment (SA) Account with Land Bank of the Philippines to avoid delay in the payment of their SA.


March10, 2016


 Pay-out Schedule for Salary and Allowances

Pay Period 1-15 March 2016    -   March 13, 2016

Pay Period 16-31 March 2016  -   March 28, 2016


NUP Loyalty Cash Awards FY 2015    -    March 16, 2016


a.  Each NUP who has completed at least 10 years of continuous satisfactory service shall receive a cash gift of not less than P500.00 but not more than P1000.00 for every year of service rendered or a total cash award of P5000.00 but not more than P10000.00; and

b.  For NUP who have rendered more than 10 years of service as of December 31, 2015 the rate to be applied should be computed as follows:

Length of Service                                       Amount

10 to 14 years                                   P 10,000.00 

15 to 19 years                                     15,000.00

20 to 24 years                                     20,000.00

25 to 29 years                                     25,000.00

30 to 34 years                                     30,000.00

35 to 39 years                                     35,000.00

40 to 44 years                                     40,000.00

45 years up                                         45,000.00



March 9, 2016



“The February 2016 Payslips (Payee's Copy) have been released to the RFSO's/FSO on March 7, 2016.  This will be turned-over to the Unit Finance PNCOs for distribution to their respective PNP members"


Executive Order 201


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February 10, 2016


a.  Pay and Allowances for February 2016

1-15 February 2016 -    pay out is on February 13, 2016

16-29 February 2016 -  pay out is on February 28, 2016


b.  Salary Assignment

     Every 20th day of the month


c.  Monthly Pension

     Every 16th day of the month


d.  PBB CY 2014 2nd Batch

     February 13, 2016


1.  The benefit herein authorized shall apply to all PNP personnel and that still in the service as of October 1, 2014;

2.  Those who have rendered at least an aggregate total of nine (9) months of service including Leaves of Absence with Pay;

3.  Those who are on approved Leave Without Pay but have rendered at least an aggregate total of nine (9) months of service provided they have not been dropped from the rolls;

4.  Those who have rendered more than nine (9) months of continuous service within the year before October 1, 2014;

5.  Personnel on detail to another government agency for six(6) months or more as of November 30, 2014 shall be included in the ranking of employees in the recipient agency that rated his/her performance.


1.  Personnel who are Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL);

2.  Personnel hired by the PNP as consultants or experts for a limited period;

3.  Personnel who were no longer in the active service as of September 30, 2014;

4.  Personnel found guilty of administrative and/or criminal cases filed against them and meted penalty in FY 2014.  If the penalty meted out is only a reprimand, such penalty shall not cause the disqualification to the PBB;

5.  Those personnel who have not yet received or not entitled to receive any additional year-end benefit in FY 204, over and above the Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift authorized under RA No. 8841;

6.  Personnel who have no IPER for CY 2014;

7.  Personnel who have not submitted their 2013 SALN.


January 28, 2016

Pay and Allowances Section (PAS)

  • Pay-out Schedule for Salary and Allowances

        Pay Period (16-31 January 2016) - January 28, 2016 

  • Anniversary Bonus Pay-out - January 30, 2016

        P3,000.00 each PNP Personnel


a.  All PNP Uniformed and Non-Uniformed personnel whether employed on a full time or regular, part-time basis or under permanent, temporary or casual status, and contractual personnel whose employment is in the nature of a regular employee, who have been appointed as such in a specific government entity by virtue of a valid appointment and continue to be employed in the same government entity as of the occasion of its milestone anniversary, shall be entitled to the Anniversary Bonus provided, that they are still in the service as of January 29, 2016; and

b.  PNP Uniformed and Non-Uniformed personnel who have not been found guilty of any offense in connection with their work during the five-year interval between milestone years.

"January 2016 payee's copy of payslip has been released to all RFSOs/FSO.

All PNP personnel may now go to your respective Finance PNCOs

to get the copy of your payslip" 



January 18, 2016

"Please be informed, effective February 2016, the Net-Take-Home-Pay

 of all PNP personnel will be Php 3,500.00

as per Sec. 52 of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) 2016"