This page presents the multiple fiscal operations that are being carried out at Finance Service. Claims and Examination, Checking Accounts, Pay and Allowances, Salary Assignment, and Pension and Gratuity are sections that fall under the Disbursement Division of Finance Service. These section offices are discussed here in detail with accompanying flow-chart of the transactions that they deal with so that the PNP personnel knows immediately where to go and what to do in his financial dealings with these offices.


•        Claims Examination Section. This Section receives vouchers/payrolls representing payment of claims chargeable against PNP obligations, examines the legality, validity and the completeness of all supporting papers/documents attached to the claims which are in line with the existing and auditing requirements; and verifies claims to their individual index to determine whether already paid or not to avoid double payment. (download full detail - PDF format)


•     Checking Accounts Section. This Section specifically controls, prepares and issues Modified Disbursement Scheme (MDS) checks to qualified claimants. It services internal and external clients of the PNP, following a standard operating procedure(s) that entail meticulous disbursements of accountable obligations of the PNP.(download full detail - PDF format)


•        Salary Assignment Section.  formerly called the Class E Allotment Section was first established in 1972 similar to that section in GHQ AFP pursuant to Circular No. 37 dated June 22, 1972. This Circular was applied in the Military and was also adopted by former members of PC/INP Uniformed Personnel. In August 21, 1995, PNP Circular No. 95-005 was formulated and in effect because of a new PNP law which was enacted in 1991. On October 4, 2005, PNP Circular No. 2002-001 was superseded by PNP Circular Number 2005-001 in order to cope up with the changing times and be more responsive to the present situation. (download full detail - PDF format)